Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another cool comics moment; Odin Loki and Thor facing off against Surtur. I actually missed this when it first came out, wasn't reading comics at the time. It wasn't till years later a buddy told me about this run. It's pretty damn epic. Walt Simonson was artist and writer and many believe this to be the best run on this book ever.

The second image is also from that run, Skurge's last stand at the bridge in Hel. I actually got goosebumps reading this, as he holds the bridge so Thor and the other Asgardians can escape. This was truly a F&%# Yeah! moment.


damon said...


Harper said...

I like the big red guy's fur diaper.
Seriously though, that battle scene is awesome x 20!

Val said...

oooh! i just love that top image! cute Thor! ♥
I especially love the monster. he has an awesome face, and i love the line work!

David Jackson said...

fire panties!