Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yellow paper sucks

so I got this book I keep by my computer to just doodle and ...well, doodle, basically . Anyway , sometimes you get these happy accidents , and you really wish you had just been drawing in your sketchbook. I know I could lightbox this or clean it up , but it is what it is ; a doodle. I'm pretty sure my subconscience got this from an old Frazetta painting I'd seen in one of his books from back in the day, but for a pen drawing , I don't hate it . And figured I'd share....so here...on nasty yellow line paper ....( this blog is just gettin' worse and worse, huh ? ....)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's called sketchy characters , about time I posted some skectchbook action. Just some doodles to gear up for some pagework I hope to finish sometime around 2012......hopefully....

Weird Science

Totally late on this but had to finish the inks , at least. It was supposed to be for art jumble .....late as usual....

I thought I should post it here , for there are no late projects on this blog ! Bwaaa haaa ha !

Monday, October 02, 2006

Best Halloween Party Ever !!

Well, it's already that time again, Halloween ! For those of us in Phoenix , it means some nice weather and actually doing some things outside without dying of heatstroke . This little number is for the annual party Jim throws , it gets bigger and bigger every year ...and there's even women .... At Jim's !(if you had been to the earlier parties , you'd know why that's so suprising ) ...........anyway , it'll be here before you know it .....and you're all invited !!! ( well....all two of you that actually sees this ....)