Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I've seen a few of these around and thought I'd give it a go. Once you start thinking about influences it can get a bit crazy; Do I include writers, music, movies, etc.? I decided to just stick with art and kept it wide spanning. If I put guys that currently are influences the list would have some different names like Canete, Murphy, Dave Johnson, Jason Pearson, and so on...

So I went with a more all time list of just the big guns and even that was difficult. So I looked at what was on my bookshelves and these people are very prominent.

1. Frazetta. Please, I shouldn't have to say one word why he's up there, move on to no.2.

2.John Buscema. The guy is a beast! He drew more Conan issues than anyone ever and if that wasn't enough just look at his stuff in Savage Sword inked by guys like Nubres and Acala. It's beautiful and his draftsmanship was always incredible.

3. Bruce Timm. I dig his style, and I dig the animated series' his style influenced. From Batman to Beyond to JLU, he showed that simple can be brilliant. The guy can draw a mean comic as well. I also would like to put Shane Glines and Darwyn Cooke in this, both great artists in their own rights and still possessing a bit of Timms' "house style".

4. Mike Mignola. A stylistic approach so different yet effective. Add in the cool horror/quirkiness and the great storytelling of Hellboy and it's all win.

5. Ashley Wood. Zombies. Robots. Amazons......good enough for me....

6. Jack Kirby. OK, I admit; as a kid I'd much rather look at "prettier' styles like Byrne or Perez, but I just get more impressed by him the older I get. Crazy imagination with powerful shots that jumped off the pages.

7.Frank Miller. Daredevil, The Dark Knight Returns, Born Again, Year One, Sin City....

8.Derek Riggs. I saw Eddie on shirts and posters before I ever heard a Maiden tune. And once I became a fan I was drawing Eddie on everything everywhere I could. I couldn't have this list and not mention him.

9. Claire Wendling. Like Frazetta, I'm pretty sure there's nothing she can't do and not be amazing at it. Conceptual, finished, colors, design, everything she does is amazing. I don't know what they put in the water in France, I'm pretty sure they're handing conte' crayons to babies right out of the womb.

10. John Romita JR. The guy has been cranking books out consistently for decades. He has amazing storytelling and I like the blocky simplified style he's adapted over the years.

Whew! Ok, so there's the most ass kissing I've ever done on this blog, but these people deserve it. The only negative I have is that with such an impressive list of influences, I should really be a lot better at this stuff...


Gary Fitzgerald said...

I'm just a little surprised that, with these influences, you couldn't have found some representative "chicks with swords" images..

rory said...

Haha, right? I actually thought about finding a "chick with sword" image for every one of these guys, but was too lazy...:)