Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's that time again!

Well, it's getting about that time; This little fella' will be on the fliers for the Best Halloween Party Ever!! So start thinking about your costumes and if you live in Phoenix, come by, because it really is a great party. Hell, even if you don't live in Phoenix, drive, fly, whatever, you won't regret it!


Harper said...

That came out great, man.
The inks are very cool.

Stephen Reid said...

That looks exactly like you.

51¢ said...

Hey, thats a nifty drawing. I need costume ideas for that party. And no, please don't tell me the Joker from the new Batman flick. I'm betting there will already be at least 8, who all deserve to be ridiculed for lack of originality and the most obvious and overdone Halloween costume of 2008.

I digress.
So I hear you guys are sketching on Wednesdays now? Including tomorrow? I think I may be there if so.

craig wilson said...

I'm jealous. There's a big hole in BC where Hallowe'en parties are supposed to go.

Nice face! Great lighting!