Thursday, April 24, 2008

New stuff and a new look

Well, just like a proud owner of a mullet in the early 90's , I thought my blog looked fasionable and cool but was informed that was not the case and I was seriously out of touch with the current trends. So I started the change tonight, updated the look a bit, with more changes coming soon ( I still have to figure what I want for a title image)
The coming Iron Man movie's got me a bit stoked, hence the sketch, and of course ...a chick with a sword! The blog might look different but the content's pretty much the same, sorry about that.


Jorge! said...

All of it looks good man. Nice look for the site. The Iron Man stuff looked fun, I was drawing some of that recently as well, which is weird cause I can't stand the guy. Anyway, come visit some time chump!

Harper said...

Love the ink line on the sword wielding woman.

ryan cody said...

I agree with Harper, I love that inked chick.