Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jus' sketchin'

Some recent sketchin' I did trying to come up with some ideas for Art Jumble. The bonus was I got to listen to some friends harp on the art and comic industry for a bit. No matter who you are, some days you just see some guy making it, getting a slap on the back from the good fortune fairy and you can't help but ask, "Why him?"
We can't help it, it's just human nature. You can be happy for said individuals 364 days of the year, but there's that ONE day when you read or hear of someone's success be it a promotion, some awesome painting they did, book deal, or even movie deal, and you think," Holy F ! I hate that guy!".....and then you hit the art table for another night thinking, if you're lucky, somebody might be hating on you one day...:)


Stephen Reid said...

Man, what a negative Nancy!
Are you sure you're not Irish?

ryan cody said...

I think about that type of stuff all the time Rory.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I hate you... happy now?

rory said...

Yay! Thanks Gary!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I aim to please

and looking forward to you pickin' up an SST page..

David Jackson said...

the American Dream, to be hated.