Monday, October 02, 2006

Best Halloween Party Ever !!

Well, it's already that time again, Halloween ! For those of us in Phoenix , it means some nice weather and actually doing some things outside without dying of heatstroke . This little number is for the annual party Jim throws , it gets bigger and bigger every year ...and there's even women .... At Jim's !(if you had been to the earlier parties , you'd know why that's so suprising ) ...........anyway , it'll be here before you know it .....and you're all invited !!! ( well....all two of you that actually sees this ....)


minty_eye said...

Jaysus, another new post...I need to get off me arse.

Greg said...

Nicely done Mr. Hensley,. nicely done. I won't be able to make it to that party because there is another one I am goign to that night which is much closer to my house, hahaha.

And yes Minty Eye you bloke, get off your arse!

Harper said...

HA! That's awesome, man!